Conditions of hire

 Skip to be loaded level with sides. Strictly No Fires.

(A) Neither Cheddar Skips, nor their driver accept any responsibility for any damage that may occur if the driver is required to leave the Public Highway.

(B) Skip hire charges are per day after standard hire (2 weeks) runs out.

(C) Unless a credit account is held with Cheddar & Wells Skips, payment for Skip Hire and material, Extra Hire and VAT must be made on delivery of Skip.

(D) Loss or damage to Skip or equipment supplied required to meet with the Highways Act 1980, Sections 139 and 140 (i.e. Lamps and Traffic Cones) will be charged to the Hirer at retail prices.

(E) Any Discrepancy on this ticket must be notified to Head Office in writing within Three Days of this ticket.

Please refer to conditions below The Weights & Measures Act, 1963

HIGHWAYS ACT 1980 SECTIONS 139 and 140

The Hirer must:

1. Guard the Skip at ail times with three traffic cones placed in an oblique line (see diagram).

2. Place light and maintain lamps of one candle power minimum at each corner, attached to the skip, and between each cone, from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before sunrise.

3. See the highway is left clean and free from debris.


A. If the Council are called at any time to remedy 1 and/or 2 the full cost shall be recovered from the Hirer.

B. Where two or more skips are placed, provided they are less than two metres apart, they shall be treated as one site. Each skip shad carry lamps at night.

c. Even when permission is given. the Highway Authority and the Police can order the repositioning of a skip, the Hirer shall fully reimburse the cost of such repositioning (Section 140, Highways Act 1980).

The skip shall be loaded so that:

4. The contents shall not fall on the Highway, at rest or in transit.

5. Dust will not escape while loading or travelling.

6. No inflammable, explosive, noxious, or dangerous material or any thing which is or becomes a nuisance is loaded.

Conditions to be observed by the Hirer:

A skip shall NOT BE PLACED:

7. Within 15 metres of any road junction.

8. In any bus lane during its periods of operation.

9. During the hours of darkness – unless specially authorised.

10. Where parking restrictions or traffic measures are in force – unless specially authorised.

11. In major shopping areas and their access roads, e.g. at Christmas, sales, etc.

12. Near public meeting places, e.g. churches, schools, football grounds, etc.

13. Where it blocks the gulley or any manhole cover.